Braaten - Rime - Stave (et al.) Family Lines of Descent

Greetings! This is a preliminary DRAFT copy of the Braaten - Rime - Stave (et al.) Family lines of descent originating predominantly with Bjørn Gulbrandson (1733-1831). PLEASE NOTE: Most of the information contained in this database has NOT been updated since 1987. What you see is PHASE ONE of the updates getting what we already know electronically entered into the database. This phase was completed on 30 July 2016. Now we are beginning PHASE TWO and that involves your assistance. We need your information to get those branches of our family tree up-to-date and current. Please contact us at the address on the CONTACT PAGE and we will be happy to supply you with the forms needed to complete that data information. This website will see periodic updates as it grows, and hopefully over the next few years it will grow and expand to be a fun family resource. It currently has over 4,300 family names...but we anticipate it will exceed 5,000 individuals once things are fully updated. PLEASE HELP US GET YOUR INFORMATION CORRECT! Thank you! [NOTE: For privacy purposes this website only shows the YEAR of an event for all LIVING family members, even though we have the actual month and day on file in the main database. It also only shows pictures and complete profiles for family members who are no longer living.]


Updated 13 June 2017